Rexel sells to Würth

Rexel has now sold a further part of its wholesale activities.

The group had already sold its Latin American business to Sonepar in April 2015, and this accounted for 40% of the enterprises which are to be sold in total by the end of 2016 at the latest.

Now the activities in Poland and Estonia have been sold to the Würth electrical wholesale group.

In Poland Rexel was represented by Elektroskandia (35 branches), Würth is represented by Fega – Poland with 9 branches.

In Estonia Rexel was represented by Elektroskandia and 4 locations, Würth also has 4 branches with Talger.

In Lithuania and Latvia Rexel was not represented, but Würth is represented there by Elektrobalt (6 branches) and Baltijas Elektro (3 branches).

In the Czech Republic Rexel had 20 sales outlets and these were sold already in December 2014 to ElektroSMS.