Rexel: successful first quarter

Rexel generated sales of EUR 3,178.3 m in the first three months of 2018; an increase of 2.8% over the same period...........

of the previous year of EUR 3,093 m. Net income was EUR 60.7 m, down 3.9%.

In Europe, EUR 1,822.4 m (57% of Group sales) was slightly up 1.2%, of which EUR 683.5 m (+ 2.2%) was generated in France and EUR 210.7 m in the UK (-7%), Germany EUR 203.9 m (-0.7%), Scandinavia EUR 221.9 m (+ 0.1%).

In North America, it was EUR 1,071.8 m (34% of Group sales) plus 3.2%. In the US, sales were EUR 842.6 m and in Canada EUR 229.1 m.

In the Asia-Pacific region (9% of the total), Rexel reached EUR 284.1 m, an increase of 11.9% to the previous year, Australia contributed EUR 124.9 m, China EUR 109.5 m and New Zealand EUR 25.4 m.

Patrick Berard, the CEO, was therefore pleased with the result, pointing to the successes of the transformation measures and investments that began 18 months ago. Rexel will continue to invest mainly in the digitization of its business: The proportion of digital sales is now 15.6%.