Rockwell Automation: 3rd quarter 2020

Revenue for the third quarter of fiscal 2020 was USD 1,394 m (EUR 1,188.5 m), a decrease of 16.3% from USD 1,665.1 m (EUR 1,419.6 m) in the 3rd quarter of last year.

Architecture & software

Quarterly sales were USD 621.4 m (EUR 529.8 m), a decrease of 16.9% from USD 747.9 m (EUR 529.8 m) in the same period last year.

Control Products & Solutions

Quarterly sales in this segment were USD 772.6 m (EUR 658.7 m), a decrease of 15.8% from USD 917.2 m (EUR 782 m) in the same period last year.

Net income was USD 317.8 m (EUR 271 m) compared to USD 261.4 m (EUR 222.9 m) last year, an increase of 21.6%.

With thousands of employees continuing to work in very difficult conditions, including the temporary wage cuts that were made in May to adjust costs to current business conditions, Rockwell now intends to reverse them by the end of December. In addition, one would like to make a recognition payment to production employees worldwide.

New operational segments

From the next fiscal year, Rockwell Automation will work with three operating segments (Intelligent Devices, Software & Control and Lifecycle Services). These new segments are intended to simplify the structure in order to better compete with its growing importance of digitization.

The Intelligent Devices segment is headed by Fran Wlodarczyk.

The Software and Control segment is temporarily headed by Chris Nardecchia. A final manager of this position is currently being sought.

The Lifecycle Services segment is managed by Frank Kulaszewicz.