Schneider Electric, Danfoss and Somfy cooperate

Schneider Electric, Danfoss and Somfy join forces to develop an ecosystem of connectivity.

The three companies will bring in their experience in lighting, heating and shutters, supported by approx. 300,000 installers, most probably the world's largest network in the industry.

The challenge is that the system lacks simplicity, reliability and after sales support. Even the installation itself is still a problem, especially if the installation process is performed by end users or unqualified personnel.

The three companies are convinced that it is time for large industrial companies to work together to accelerate connectivity and develop efficient solutions that simply work together.

Schneider Electric, Danfoss and Somfy will therefore coordinate their strategies to make the system a success.

The global connectivity market is growing rapidly, with an estimated 8.4 billion connected devices in 2020. In 2016, less than 17% of American households had a kind of smart home system; in Europe it was even less than 4%. Most devices had only a single application.