Schneider Electric is breaking new ground

Schneider Electric, the energy efficiency and digitization specialist is wooing young professionals and breaking new ground in making workplaces more flexible.

The French technology giant is bringing its brand even more to the fore and is now increasingly promoting students and young professionals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Düsseldorf recruitment agency YeaHR! was asked and they developed from the brand 'Life is on', a campaign called ‘voll-im-modus.de’ in an unusual way, which was started in mid-February. Using five examples, it shows the development opportunities that exist at Schneider, from environmentally conscious employees to part-time studies and boss fashion. It is already being considered to expand the model.

But there is also talk about money and the advantages one has at SE. Among other things, there are 5 days of paid care leave for relatives in need of care or 5 days per year for recognized charitable purposes or flexible workplaces that can be used at all office locations. This last point in particular brings us to a new model that Schneider Electric has launched in the USA, namely job flexibility.

Schneider Electric recently joined forces in the United States with Upflex, one of the world's largest office space providers. Upflex is represented at 5,500 locations in 75 countries and in 1,600 cities. Thanks to this collaboration, more than 10,000 Schneider employees in the US can go “to the office” and have a safe workplace where all health and safety aspects are taken into account. For SE it has the advantage that the workplace can be flexibly adapted to the needs, whether for a single office or a meeting room, for longer or shorter periods, so Schneider Electric has the costs under control at all times. Of course, it is also particularly suitable for business travelers, as this gives them a connection to the headquarters. For Schneider, in addition to the cost aspect, the flexibility and the options were decisive.

Because of the corona pandemic, thousands of employees all over the world have been sent to the "home office" since last year. The first negative reactions to it have largely been refuted by practice and it is already predicted that the hybrid model of working in the office and at home or in an outside office, as indicated, will prevail in the long term.