Schneider Electric restructures its management

Emmanuel Babeau, worked for Schneider Electric for 11 years as Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Managing Director.  Babeau will leave the company at the end of April and Schneider Electric is taking the opportunity to thoroughly restructure its management team.

Schneider Electric will move to a flatter Executive Committee structure to accelerate its strategic and digital transformation.

There will be three new members at the top level of the Executive Committee:

Hilary Maxson will be appointed Chief Financial Officer after this year's Annual General Meeting on April 23. Hilary Maxson joined Schneider Electric three years ago and is currently the CFO of the energy management business. She has a solid background in finance, having worked in the US, South America, Africa and Asia.

Charise Le is appointed Head of Human Resources effective April 1. She has held various positions within the company over the last 15 years, most recently in a senior management role in the Asia Pacific region.

Peter Weckesser will join Schneider Electric as the new Head of Digital Services from Airbus with effect from June 1. Before that he was employed in an executive position at Siemens.

In addition, there will be two internal changes:

Oliver Blum, who has been with Schneider Electric for 27 years, has held many important positions in his career, such as Managing Director of the Indian company; he is currently Chief Human Resources Officer and is to take over the major department of Strategy, Sustainability and Quality Management on April 1. He will also be responsible for all acquisitions and mergers worldwide.

Herve Coureil, who has also been with Schneider Electric for 27 years, will be appointed Secretary General and Chief Governance Officer after this year's Annual General Meeting on April 23rd. He will be responsible for coordinating the strategic implementation between the Board of Directors, management and the operational level.