Siedle and Jung cooperate

This gives Siedle, a specialist in building communications, a contact with the world of switches and building automation; Jung, a specialist in building systems technology, profits from Siedles’s experience and powers of innovation in entrance areas.

Within the framework of the cooperation Jung and Siedle offer the whole electrical installation process from a single source – from switch systems to in-house stations and KNX building automation as well as Siedle’s whole door communication. Also included are the app, the Scope mobile video communication station and system add-ons such as letter boxes, entry control and lighting.

As a start to the cooperation Jung has completely converted the in-house stations in the switch design to Siedle’s technology; Siedle has developed the technical innards as fully compatible components of the in-home bus system. At the entrance the switch specialist will rely entirely on Siedle’s comprehensive programme in future. In return Siedle’s door intercoms will gain access to Jung’s KNX building technology. All the door intercom products are available as of now.

The interplay of building communication and building systems technology is becoming more and more important, according to Harald Jung, for example in the important project business. Until now neither of the two manufacturers could satisfy the whole demand, but in future the cooperation enables creative and technical complete solutions. Joint developments would also be conceivable, adds Gabriele Siedle.