Smart City Standard in Russia

The Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Public Utilities of the Russian Federation, Andrey Chibis, approved the Smart City Standard.

The Smart City Standard consists of a series of measures that must be implemented by all cities that participate in the digitization project by 2024. The standard includes various events in eight areas, e.g. at municipalities, tourism, communal service providers.

The first step, therefore, will be the introduction of digital platforms to engage citizens in the management of urban processes, which should work in every region of the country by 2020.

"Today, there is no single concept for the" Smart City "in the world, and at the same time many cities are striving to obtain such a title. Together with leading experts in the field of digitization and based on the experiences of other countries, we have developed a series of activities that are necessary for the transition to a "smart city" in Russia, "said Andrey Chibis.

The implementation of the Smart City project involves all cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants and all administrative centers.