So that’s it for Rudy Provoost at Rexel

At Rexel they have pulled the ripcord and adopted a new management structure in which the position of chairman has been separated from that of CEO.

On 23rd June 2016 the board of directors at Rexel decided on a new business structure according to which the duties of chairman and those of CEO are separated in future. 

Due to differences of opinion between the board of directors and Rudy Provoost on the future leadership of the company, Provoost was asked to relinquish his posts with effect from 30th June 2016. 

Consequently Francois Henrot, the current deputy chairman, was asked by the board of directors to take over the post of chairman on an interim basis from 1st July and Patrick Berard was appointed as the new CEO with effect from 1.7.2016.

Furthermore it was decided that Ian Meakins (comes from Wolseley) is promoted at first to the rank of independent director and then with effect from 1.10.2016  to the supervisory board.