Solar now also provides sensational service

In the 3rd quarter 2017 Solar from Denmark had a turnover of DKK 2,77 3 m (EUR 373 m), which compared...........

to its 2016 figure of DKK 2,595 m (EUR 349 m) and means an increase of 6.8%.

Net profits rose from DKK 29 (EUR 4 m) to DKK 42 m (EUR 5.6 m), i.e. plus 44.8%.
For the months of Jan-Sept turnover amounted to DKK 8,630 m (EUR 1,160 m), which is an increase of 7% compared to 2016. Profits rose from DKK 77 m (EUR 10.3 m) to DKK 153 m (EUR 20.6 m), that is plus 98.7%!!

For the year as a whole a turnover of DKK 11.7 bn (EUR 1.6 bn) is expected, which is slightly above the figure for 2016.

For Denmark it is expected that the construction sector and renovations will continue to rise in 2017 compared to the previous year, in Norway the installation segment will rise slightly, in the Netherlands the positive trend will continue and in Poland the trend remains upwards.

At Solar they don’t regard themselves simply as a supplier of electrical, heating and plumbing material combined with additional support such as e.g. in logistics, but quite generally as a problem solver for customers.

In Denmark they have built up a new service together with Garant Udlejning, namely a tool rental service. An app gives access to a large number of electrical and plumbing tools as well as testing and measuring products.

Hire and rental offer the ideal solution to peak times in major projects. Firms in the building trade often need additional tools but only at and for a limited time, and then the rental service is a cheap alternative to additional purchases.