Sonepar Spain improves customer service by relocation

Sonepar Ibérica and Sonibética in Spain have moved to new, modern premises in order to offer its...........

Spanish companies, its customers and suppliers a better service. The new buildings are in Leganés, near Madrid.(Calle Ramón y Cajal, 24)

Sonepar Ibérica is represented in Spain by the wholesale companies Guerín, Hispanofil, Dielectro Canarias, Dielectro Balear, Dimel Castilla, AME and Dielectro Industrial with a total of 126 branches.

But Dimel Castilla has also moved to Leganés and in doing so has doubled its warehouse space. Dimel’s headquarters (calle Eduardo Torroja 37) now stands in close proximity to Sonepar Ibérica. With its 5 sales outlets Dimel made a turnover of more than EUR 31 m in 2015.