Sonepar with a new high in 2018

Sonepar increased its sales by 4.1% to a new high of 22.4 bn EUR from 21.6 bn EUR in 2017.

Europe accounts for € 11.2 bn EUR (50.2%), America 9.6 bn EUR (42.7%) and Asia / Pacific 1.6 bn EUR (7.1%).

The number 1 in Europe is Germany with 2,826 m EUR, followed by France with 2,335 m EUR, and the Netherlands with 1539 m EUR and Italy with 1,116 m EUR.

In America, it was the United States with 7,382 m EUR, followed by Canada with 1,099 and Mexico with 505 m EUR.  

In the Asian-Pacific region, the number 1 was Australia with 591 m EUR, followed by China (mainland) with 387 m EUR.

54% is done with contractors, 28% with industrial customers. In automation and infrastructure it is 34%, in cables and wires 16% and the lighting sector is 15%.