Stephan Strauss informs

Hagemeyer's CEO, Mr. Stephan Strauss, who has been managing the Rexel subsidiary since January 9, 2017, has been working on a task lately which is not easy, but did not come suddenly.

The mistakes of Hagemeyer were piled up for years and now it just came to a bang. As it is in real life.

Strauss has informed the General Works Council "that the fundamental strategy of the future workshop will now be implemented through a fundamental restructuring of Hagemeyer Germany.

It is the goal to transform the company into a future-proof business model, thereby securing and developing it sustainably. "Because in its current positioning and orientation, the company has no economic perspective and is not viable. The economic indicators are alarming. The reasons are a lack of adaptation to the changing requirements of the markets and customer needs as well as inefficient structures and processes in all areas and functions. The current business model is outdated and can no longer be developed due to the complexity and depth of the dysfunctional organization.

This means that, according to the current planning, 17 sales branches will be closed. The industrial business is to be continued there in a new organizational structure. In another 4 branches, only the C & I business will be discontinued. These changes are accompanied by the necessary capacity adjustments both in the head office and in the logistics structures.

27 branches will be continued in their current portfolio.

The works council was presented with the implementation concept for this reorientation, with the aim of bringing about the reorganization of the company without delay.

It is the most urgent concern of Hagemeyer Germany to give all employees an orientation regarding the resulting consequences before the summer break."