The electrical and electronic industry in Austria

As the association of the Austrian electrical and electronic industry (FEEI) reports, overall production of the Austrian electrical and electronic industry increased to EUR 12.7 bn (+2,6%) in 2014 and a five-year high in exports was achieved.

In total exports grew by 4.0%, with those to the euro zone rising by 5.1%.

It was above all the economies in Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Rumania and Croatia which ensured a positive result here.

Exports to the USA (2014: +9.4%) also remained at a high level, whereas exports to Asia only rose by 1.6% in 2014. The decisive factor for this was the slower economic development in China.

The domestic market for electrical and electronic products declined slightly (–1.5%) in 2014. The share of domestic orders in overall orders in the electrical and electronic industry stood at 20.6% in the year 2014.

Economic researchers forecast only slight economic growth and modest investment activities again for the years 2015 and 2016. All the same the Austrian electrical and electronic industry is looking at the year 2015 with confidence.

New orders (+0.6%) remain at last year’s level, while the output sold (+5.5%) in the first quarter 2015 shows a clear increase. Export values even displayed an increase of 6.3% in comparison with the first quarter 2014. The low exchange rate of the euro and the fall in energy and raw material prices favour the exports of the industry.