The electrical wholesale trade in Europe

A look at the five markets in Europe with the largest revenues yields the following ranking for 2014:

In 1st place lies Germany with EUR 9.3 bn and Sonepar as its market leader, followed by France in 2nd place with EUR 6.1 bn, dominated by Sonepar and Rexel.

3rd place is occupied by Italy with EUR 5.2 bn, with the marketing associations Elex Italia (belongs to IMELCO) and Findea (belongs to IDEE) as market leaders; electrical wholesale groups play a subordiante role in Italy.

In 4th place there follows the United Kingdom with EUR 4.7 bn; here the market leaders are Rexel and Edmundson.

Russia comes in 5th place with EUR 4.3 bn, with the marketing association Russkiy Svet (belongs to FEGIME) as market leader, since as in Italy wholesale groups do not play a major role in Russia, either.