The electrical wholesale trade in Poland

2014 was not a bad year for the Polish electrical wholesale trade, even though two important market participants had to declare insolvency at once in Ampli and Mors.

Both companies had already been having problems for some time. Now Ampli has sold its branches to the wholesale company Kopel, and Mors has closed the majority of its branches.

The turnover volume in the Polish electrical wholesale trade amounts to about EUR 1.8 bn. Over 85% of this is generated by the Polish wholesale association SHE, which currently comprises 13 members:

• ALFA-ELEKTRO (belongs to Sonepar/FR)
• ELEKTRO-HOLDING (purchasing association)
• ELEKTROSKANDIA Polska (belongs to Rexel/FR)
• ELMEGA (purchasing association)
• FEGA Poland (belongs to Würth/DE)
• FEGIME Polska (purchasing association)
• FORUM-RONDO (purchasing association)
• GRODNO (belongs to Fegime)
• INTER-ELEKTRO (purchasing association, belongs to IMELCO)
• ONNINEN (belongs to Onninen/FI)
• SOLAR Polska (belongs to Solar/DK)

In addition the purchasing association El-Plus is likely also to join SHE in the next few days, raising the number of members to 14.

The association is led by Ryszard D’Antoni, a proven expert in the Polish wholesale trade and at the same time vice-president of ETIM.