This was a short time in office indeed

Guido Barcella, who only decided to stand as a candidate for the chairmanship of the Italian electrical wholesale association FME at..........

the beginning of the year after some doubts, will not be available for a second period of office. He announced this after the conference of the European electrical wholesale association EUEW, which took place in Cagliari this year.

The shoes of his predecessor Giampaolo Ferrari, who was well-liked in the industry, led the association for six years and died all too early, were probably a little too big after all, so that he has decided not to stand for re-election any more in October.

The question now is who is willing to take over the office, which involves a lot of work but little recognition. Will it be the present vice-president, Ezio Galli or will another member of FME stand for election?

We will keep you up to date.