Turnovers down in electrical industry in May

According to the ZVEI the turnovers of electrical companies in May 2015 fell 0.9% below last year’s figures at EUR 13.4 bn.

While domestic turnover went down by 6.7% to EUR 6.4 bn, foreign turnover rose by 4.6% compared with last year to EUR 7 bn.

Revenues from customers from the euro zone grew to EUR 2.5 bn  (+3.2%), and those with business partners from third countries to EUR 4.5 bn (+5.5%).

The business climate in the German electrical industry deteriorated somewhat in June of this year, with expectations for the coming 6 months having dropped off more in comparison with the assessment of the current situation.

35% of companies in the industry assess their current situation as good, 55% as stable and 10% as bad. At the same time 26% of the electrical firms assume that in the next 6 months business will improve, 67% that it will remain the same and 7% that it will decline.