Würth: Homework done

Würth in Italy has made a big hit, the effects of which are not yet clear. Ulrich Liedtke, the expert for international business at Würth,......

was able to win over Simon Sanfilippo, managing director of the purchasing association Elex Italia for Würth. Sanfilippo is one of THE professionals in electrical wholesaling in Italy. Before that, he was at the wholesale company Comet. Sanfilippo is indeed bilingual: Italian and English (native speaker).

Würth has signed two partnership agreements with major electrical wholesalers in recent years. First, it was MEF from Florence (since February 2015) and since July 2018 with M.E.B. from Schio.

Behind this tactic is quite a system to be recognized, but the most important thing is, you have to get on it first.

Already 1 year ago, Würth in Poland was able to win the managing director of the marketing association SHE, Mr. Ryszard D'Antoni. Without doubt also perfect as regards to the wholesale trade.

Würth is represented in Poland by the companies Elektroskandia Poland and Fega-Poland.

Until now, e.g. most recently in Germany (Hagemeyer), Sonepar has always benefited from a tumbling wholesaler, with good professionals migrating to Sonepar; this could change now, as Würth is not only represented in Italy and Poland, but in other European countries as well. Würth is perceived, which certainly results in a desired effect in terms of staff with expertise.

And by the way Ulrich Liedtke is quite a heavyweight in the European electrical wholesaling scene as well. He is acting President of the European Union of Electrical Wholesalers (EUEW) with multiple contacts to the entire trade.