Würth with further strategic partnership in Italy

Würth electrical wholesaling has its presence in Italy expanded at the end of June, through a strategic partnership..........

with the wholesale company M.E.B. from Schio. M.E.B. was founded in 1992 and operates 24 branches with a turnover of approx. 107 m  EUR.

The model of this partnership lies in the partnership that was concluded in February 2015 with the wholesaler MEF from Florence, i.e. the majority of M.E.B. is taken over by Würth, the board members and the management remain in their respective postions.

Leonardo Giaffreda, President of the MEF and Board Member of W.EG Italia and Bruno de Guio, President of M.E.B. are pleased that this kind of cooperation will bring further synergies and further strengthens the importance of the brands in the Italian market.