Your customer: the international electrical wholesale trade?

Rexel, Sonepar and many national and international electrical wholesalers ensure the supply of urgently needed goods to electrical contractors day after day.

Do you know the most important electrical wholesalers/wholesale associations in Europe - and what is even more important, do you supply them?

Here we have the solution for you! Our surveys now cover 25 European countries. We have listed 2,382 electrical wholesalers with a total of 10,546 branches. It is not without reason that we have been active in this segment for over 20 years and are market leaders in the field of electrical wholesale studies.

When you order the European survey by 15 September, you will benefit from a 15% discount, i.e. instead of EUR 2,755 you will only pay EUR 2,340 for the complete European survey.

However, if you concentrate your marketing focus only on certain country regions (Central Europe, Southern/Western Europe, Eastern Europe or Scandinavia), then you pay only 950 EUR per version instead of 1,120 EUR.