Zumtobel: LED business raises turnover

The positive trend in turnover and results of the first half-year could also be maintained in the seasonally weak 3rd quarter.

At corporate level, revenues increased by 4.0% in the first nine months of the business year (May 2014  to January 2015) to EUR 962.8 m (prior year: EUR 925.8 m), with growth achieving a 2.5% rise (prior year: + 1.4%) in the 3rd quarter alone.

The most important driver behind the growth was once again the business with energy-efficient LED luminaires and components. With a growth rate of 56.6% to EUR 456.8 m (prior year: EUR 291.7 m) the LED contribution to corporate turnover rose from 31.5% to 47.4% in comparison with the corresponding period of the prior year. In the 3rd quarter the Zumtobel Group generated more than half of its turnover (53%) with LED products for the first time in its history.

Corporate EBIT rose by 21.9% adjusted for special effects in the first 9 months to EUR 51.5 m (prior year: EUR 42.2 m).

Thereby both the lighting business (Zumtobel / Thorn) and the components business (Tridonic) managed to improve on their previous year’s result. The reasons for this are the higher turnover volume and the first positive effects of the adaptation of capacities, the amalgamation of the previously sales organizations of Zumtobel and Thorn and the corporate pooling of purchasing activities.

Net profits could be increased by 28.1% in the first nine months to EUR 15.4 m (prior year: EUR 12.1 m), although the result in the 3rd quarter (– EUR 13.4 m / prior year: – EUR 6.3 m) was especially encumbered by the revaluation of the Swiss franc against the euro.