ZVEI expects 1.5% increase in electrical production

According to ZVEI the industry’s turnover should increase correspondingly to just under EUR 174 bn in the year 2015. Despite the global conditions.........

becoming more and more unfavourable in the course of last year, the German electrical industry was able to raise its real production by 2.4% in the period from January to November 2014 compared with the corresponding period of the prior year.

The companies’ nominal turnover went up by 2.6% to EUR 156.6 bn in the first 11 months of last year.

In the year 2014 as a whole revenues are likely to have risen to EUR 171 bn. This means that in spite of sharp monthly fluctuations developments in the electrical industry were within the bounds of expectations under the line.

Between January and October 2014 exports (including re-exports) rose by 3.9% compared with the prior year to EUR 136.8 bn.

At EUR 83.2 bn (plus 3.4%) still just under two thirds of all the industry’s exports were sold in Europe.

The most exports went to China, which took EUR 12.3 bn worth of electrical exports from Germany, 15.9% more, thus supplanting the USA as the previous largest customer (+3.2% to EUR 11. 3 bn). France has remained the third-largest sales market (+2.9% to EUR 9.5 bn).