Press release from Bettermann

The media and communication column from OBO Bettermann provides more flexibility in the electrotechnical installation in classrooms.

The requirements for the equipment of training and classrooms are constantly increasing. It goes without saying that renovations or new buildings will also be adapted to changing needs. The combination of individual equipment and centrally controlled systems can be optimally implemented with the media and communication pillars from OBO Bettermann.

With the media and communication column, OBO offers the perfect solution for an adaptable and modular design. From the protection of electrical systems via an individual lighting control and information from central communication and emergency call systems to the display of the time, the media pillar offers many possibilities.

The powder-coated steel column is flexible in the height compensation by the telescopic panel. The removable side panels ensure easy retrofitting and uncomplicated recording of speakers and signalers with C-rails behind the pinhole. A wall clock can be easily retrofitted to the corresponding empty field. Likewise, the installation of switching and plug-in devices is possible on the front or access-protected behind a lockable door.

The new media and communication column is as adaptable as the requirements placed on it. It provides sufficient reserves for further installations and can be retrofitted quickly and easily with a school call station. Thus, the column brings all the necessary configurations and covers all the requirements for the technical building equipment of a modern school.